MB Ai Sustainable Living R&D Center
using renewable energy to revive arid land
“Limitless possibilities with boundless imagination”
Dr. Mamdouh Barakat, Managing Director, MB Group

The Center’s Strategic Aims

  • Using Artificial Intelligence (Ai) to optimise the living and growing environment.

  • Using renewable energy to revive arid land without connecting to electricity grid.

  • Atmospheric water harvesting without connecting to piped water supply.

  • Organic indoor vertical farming (urban agriculture) to achieve huge crop productivity in a small footprint of land, with minimal power, waste and water.

  • Plant selection, especially heat and salt tolerant (halophyte) plants.

  • On-site Desalination.

  • Energy storage, especially thermal energy store, to provide energy security.

  • Utilising renewable energy to power all electronics, including lights, pumps, air conditioning, electronic devices and even the center’s supercomputer.

  • Preserving local skills, including handicraft, together with the world’s largest collection of camel-related accessories.

Some Photos Of The Center


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